The latest nature-connection course designed by Steve Wesener and Andy Wilson: forest bathing. This Japenese practice of shinrin-yoku helps to create a sense of mental peace and calm. Immerse yourself in the forest and let nature awaken your senses.

Forest Bathing may be described as “noticing” what it is like to move quietly and unhurriedly through the forest and to immerse yourself fully in nature. We invite you to notice what a forest smells like, sounds like, feels like, tastes like and looks like. Using simple techniques you can put aside thoughts of the outside world and tap into your imagination.

The Forest Bathing experience lasts for two hours and includes a sensory, guided walk through the forest. You won’t walk far, but you will appreciate the forest in a deeper and more meaningful way than ever before. Activities will include: sit-spots, breathing exercises, connecting with the elements (water, earth), understanding more about the communication of birds and the life of trees. We end the experience with a shared tea ceremony.

This four-session program is designed to take you deeper into the Forest Bathing experience on each consecutive session. Our aim is that after the 4th session, you will feel confident enough to apply and enjoy this experience independently or with friends.

Further Dates/times TBC: watch this space or email contact@bristolforestschool.co.uk to join the waiting list.

Cost: donation of up to £15




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Nature is good for us: for our health, for our well-being and for our happiness. We know this, and yet our experiences in the natural world are often forgotten and overlooked. We have created ‘Nature Connection & Wellbeing’ informal evenings in the woods to rediscover our shared place in nature and to help bring us meaning, peace and joy.

Designed by Steve Wesener, sessions will weave together different elements of nature connection that Steve has learnt from other practitioners and from his experiences in Australia with indigenous people. Influences include: storytelling creative – the ‘Spindle Wayfarer’ (Chris Salisbury) and mentor/naturalist Jon Young.

Check out Steve’s Introduction:

We’ll listen to the language of birds, track markings from forest creatures, cook over the fire, build and create using heritage tools and embrace just ‘being’ in the woods. Sharing and experiencing with other like-minded souls will help us to reflect and learn about ourselves, be more mindful and sensorially aware, and feel more connected.

** For adults!

When: TBC

Cost: £12 each per session, £40 for a 2-hour, one-to-one appointment

Booking: TBC