Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet


Bristol Forest School believes that it’s never too early to begin enjoying nature and looking after the environment, and that young children (and all humans!) benefit immensely from the freedom and serenity of nature – it makes us healthy, resilient and happy. We believe in using natural, good quality resources to promote creativity and well-being, and our purpose-built Pre-School area is bursting with opportunity…

Our BFS Pre-Schools will allow you to spend time with your child and regular Forest School friends in our peaceful, natural surroundings. Our Tiny Trees are completely free-flow with a simple choice structure gathering as a group around the fire circle for a wholesome snack. Our Forest Folk begin with a group activity before ranging free in our play area.

IMG_2625Bristol Forest School runs two Pre-School sessions for different aged children and their parents/carers – please click the titles below for more information:

Tiny Trees for 8mths – 3yrs

Forest Folk for 3-5 year olds

All Pre-School sessions take place fortnightly during term time, with parents booking and paying in termly instalments.* Forest Folk is charged at £10.50 per session, Tiny Trees at £8.50.

For timetables, availability and booking form please click here.

We have designed our authentic BFS Pre-School of Forest Folk and Tiny Trees based on five key principles:


  • Embrace Nature: explore the outdoors with our hands and feet, noses and eyes – there’s always something new to see or smell, textures to examine and time to get muddy! Additional equipment is focussed on natural objects and materials.
  • Promote Health: get physical – climbing, balancing, throwing, jumping, crawling; boost immunity amongst the soil and in the fresh air; have a healthy/home-made snack that’s Fairtrade, free-range and, wherever possible, organic.
  • Freedom to Choose: from several regular activities in our child-led space that appeals to different personalities. From chalk drawing and rope climbing to skittles and stories.
  • Creativity and Play: kindles the imagination and fosters independence. Children can hunt for bugs, hide in dens, make messy art with charcoal paint or cook a feast in the leaf kitchen – endless opportunities to explore!
  • Learn: new, planned activities each session to improve confidence and advance skills. Projects are based on arts and crafts, wildlife, foraging, traditional woodwork and campfire cooking.

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*Please note, your booking payment is non-refundable unless your place can be refilled. In this instance a 25% administration charge will be retained. Once term has commenced, no refunds can be offered.