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“When the children returned from the forest school sessions there was a real buzz in the air. The children were excited and quickly wanted to talk about the activities they had completed. The staff made the children feel safe and secure which enabled them to really enjoy their session and look forward to their next ones.” Reception, Birdwell School

Bristol Forest School encourages children to understand and appreciate the natural environment, and to enjoy being active outdoors. To do this we offer two distinct woodland visit options for schools:

P1010062-filteredAn Authentic Forest School Experience: 

Up to 16 children per group; 6+ sessions; Half or Full Day

From £1200 (for six sessions)

In this sequence of progressive sessions, participants and practitioners can develop a genuine relationship with one another to increase confidence and self-esteem, and to foster an independence and love of the outdoors. Children will be taught traditional woodland skills, to understand personal and physical boundaries, to learn risk management and to value nature and be able to communicate about it.

This programme begins with achievable, child-initiated activities to familiarise children with the natural world – such as arts and crafts, sensory exploration and wildlife projects. As the children become more comfortable in the outdoor environment, the tasks increase in skill level. We introduce specialised tools and skills such as using a bow saw, tying rope knots, building shelters and lighting fires. Woodland visits will always incorporate wide area team-building games and campfire cooking.


Woodland Fun Days:IMG-20130909-00504

Groups of 15-60 children; 1 session; Full Day

From £220 (15 children)

One-off/short term Woodland Fun Days are designed to give children a taste of the wild outdoors. These sessions can either enhance the Forest School already taking place in your own school grounds, complement current school topics or serve as a grand day out!

Woodland Fun Days can include a variety of woodland activities: woodcraft, nature art, outdoor cooking, den building and wide area games – these can be adapted to suit your individual needs. Get in touch to plan your perfect school trip.



All Leaders in our team are fully qualified Forest School Practitioners with current paediatric/outdoor first aid certificates and DBS checks. All activities are fully risk assessed and regularly updated.

For more information, please contact Andy for our School Booking Information Pack.

Discounts are available on an individual basis – please enquire.

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