Find thanks in the little things


IMG_1461The Children say:

“I loved the squelchy mud and exploring the wood”

The snack was: “Scrumptious!”

A Pre-School child at home arranging her pencils in a tepee triangle shape: “I’m being Sophie, I’m making a fire!”

Oliver said it was “my best party ever!”


The Parents say:

Jane, 9 year old boys: “A big thank you for superbly running Tom’s party!”

Chiara, 3 year olds: “We had a super day and the puddles turned out to be the cherry on the top.”

Liz, 5-6 year olds: “A brilliant party, the car load I took home could not stop talking about it!”

Helen, 3-4 year olds: “A really good balance of activities, but also freedom for them to run around. And it was quite calm for a kids’ party!”

Alana: “Everyone had a fantastic time, kids and parents alike. Best party they had been to, they said!”

IMG_1260The Teachers say:

“It has been a delight to watch the children develop their social and communication skills. They have learnt to explore, but have also been taught safety skills and rules as well. Many of these will form the basis of future life skills.” St Anne’s Primary School

“The children particularly enjoyed the session where they cut down laurel branches and later used these to build fences. Using the adult-size loppers helped promote a good understanding of the importance of safety when using tools and encouraged children to take risks and develop their self-confidence. They were very motivated as they worked cooperatively and purposefully to make their fences and very proud to learn how to use the correct knots to tie the branches together. All the children gained a huge sense of achievement and pride after putting the fences together to make a den and then had great fun hiding inside!” Clifton High School

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